More Than 5000+ Successful Spine Surgeries Performed

Dr. Vishal Kundnani

Minimal Invasive Spine surgery specialist.
Specialist in Cervical Spine and scoliosis surgery.
Specialised in Microendosocpic Spine Surgery.
Director & Head of Spine Surgery-Center of Excellence in Spine Surgery, Lilavati Hospital, Bandra Mumbai.
Head - Mumbai Institute of Spine Surgery, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Vishal Kundnani-gold medalist throughout his scholar years - is fellowship trained in spine surgery from international Center’s of repute including UK, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Korea. Dr Vishal Kundnani has treated 20000 + Spine patients in last 15 years non surgically with (latest non surgical treatment protocols for slip disc) and performed 5000+ successful Microsurgery for Slip Disc, minimal invasive spine surgery for Sciatica and laser surgery for Lumbar problem & cervical spine and scoliosis. He is Pioneer in complex spine surgery and is best spine specialist for Scoliosis surgery. He is trained in advanced Robotic spine surgery & Navigation spine surgery. Dr Vishal Kundnani is known for innovation in Awake day care spine surgery and minimal invasive spine surgery. He is internationally renowned for scoliosis & Cervical surgery and has more than 100 international scientific research publications.

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Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis usually produces no symptoms. When back or sciatic pains are symptoms, lumbar spondylosis is usually an unrelated finding.

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Back Pain

Pain in the back is not only a very common complaint but also is only second to the common cold in sickness absenteeism.

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Scoliosis is a lateral (toward the side) curvature in the normally straight vertical line of the spine.

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Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimal Invasive Spine surgery is the gold standard in decompression surgery for various common problems in the Spine.

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Dr. Vishal Kundnani

Our Patients Reviews

“My mother Shantaben Vera was having serve pain in back. She was having fracture in lumbar & nerves were compressed, due towhich she was not able to walk for a minute. Dr.Vishal Kundnani operated her on 23rd sept 2015. From the 3rd day of her operation she was able to walk on her own. Now she is getting very much better with surgery excercise & walk she will be as before. All thanks to Dr. Vishal Kundnani for the success of operation.”

  • Vijay Vera
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“I was admitted at Bombay Hospital with hangman’s fracture and underwent a surgery conducted by Dr. Vishal Kundnani which was successful. Right from the admission at the hospital to discharge & the timely followup’s everything was a smooth process. All the needs at the hospital was taken care of extremely well by the Doctor and his assistant. I express my gratitude to Dr. Vishal for having saved my life and I am doing really well now.”

  • Manud C Joseph
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“I was going to terrible pain in the month of April/May/june/July-15. I couldnt sleeep properlyat any time of day or night then I decided to get expert openion and I found from my family Doctor and he suggested me to meet Dr. Vishal Kundnani and then immediately we decided to get operate. I had Spine TB. I got operated on 25-08-2015 and today is 29-9-15. I am feeling physicaly fit nad now I can do all my routin work and I dont even feel that I got operated just 1 month back. I am very happy with Dr. Vishal treatment an I would even suggest to other potients. Thanking you”.

  • Mrs. Shila U. Somaiya
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“पहले मेरी माँ के कमर का दर्द बहोत था । वह ठीक से चल भी नहीं पति थी । हमने बहुत डॉक्टर के पास इलाज करवाया पर कुछ असर नहीं हुआ । फिर मुझे ड़ॉ. विशाल कुंदनानी का पता चला और हमने वहा पर इलाज करवाया । डॉक्टर ने इतनी अच्छी तरह से इलाज किया । और बाद मे भी अच्छी तरह से मदत की , अभी मेरी माँ का दर्द पूरी तरह से ठीक हुआ है । और वह चल भी सकती है । मैं डॉक्टर सहाब को बहोत धन्यवाद करता हु । पहले मेरी माँ के कमर के दर्द को लेकर मैं बहोत परेशान था । वह खुद का काम ठिक से कर नहीं पाती । पर डॉ. कुंदनानी ने कीए हुए ऑपरेशन के बाद मेरी माँ अब चल फिर सकती है और किसी पे भी डिपेंड नहीं है । मै पुनः एक बार डॉक्टर साब को धन्यवाद करता हु ।”

  • Mr. Ambave
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